This website will cover the documentation of our project, A Plastic Mold Injection machine. This project was done as part of our Fab Academy Batch 2 2021 training and our industrial training for University of Bahrain Mechanical Engineering course. An important disclaimer, that our project is shifted to another project which is a recycled plastic extrusion machine, some of the aspects of our project will remain the same. You can see two project sections linked on the headings table.

The members of this project development are me, Husain Abdulameer Hasan, Abdullah Alammach and Noor Mohammed.

Our first designed project is based upon the design created by the YouTube channel Buster Beagle 3D here.

Credits to Buster Beagle 3D on YouTube
Image Credits - Buster Beagle 3D YouTube

The aim of this project is to create a portable Plastic Mold Injection machine which is used to melt thermoplastics and inject them into molds that can be easily created using CNC machines. The mold material to be used is Aluminum, which can be easily cut using a CNC machine. As part of our objectives, we aim to add our own improvements to the machine for the purpose of making it easier to reproduce by interested individuals and parties, and add their own improvements if they so desire.

As part of our design we also aim to create the machine mostly from materials and parts that can be readily available and minimize ordering parts online for example to make it accessible.

Thus, the aim of our second project is to create an extrusion machine that turns the 3D printing plastic waste into new filaments; where you can use these filaments into printing other 3D printing models again in the future.

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